Domestic Wild Cats 

November-December 2020


Tough times. Thank you for your love and prayers.

My kittens are with a dear friend in SoCal ...he'll be helping with the hybrids while I'm in the South nursing my family back to health. Please be patient as it takes me longer than usual to get back to emails and calls. Tar's phone burned in the crash (and she's unable to speak at this time)... 

There's several wonderful kitties still available...I'd like to get them homes asap. 

We'll get through this.

Regards, Jimmy

PLEASE CALL/Text "Melissa" at 714.401.5197 for help getting a hybrid cub.




"so wild looking!"

"never experienced a hybrid so loving & affectionate!"

" different & unique looking!"

"what the heck is that thing?"

...check out the new Bobcat Hybrid line: hybrid in the world.

Southern California

ph: (714) 401-5197

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Southern California

ph: (714) 401-5197